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How much of your day is spent managing people who are caring for the beneficiaries of the trusts you administer?

As you know, a trust can employ one caregiver or one hundred.

If the trust is the employer of record, you spend a good part of your day handling human resources problems, payroll processing and reporting, garnishments, payroll advances, benefits administration, unemployment claims, workers’ compensation claims, time card issues, employee disputes, and other issues that only eat up your time.

In addition, when the trust is the employer, it automatically assumes all of the employer liabilities such as wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and child and elder abuse that come with that role. And despite what you may have heard, using a payroll service does nothing to alter this employer liability.

The questions facing trust employers are complex and critical. When do I pay overtime? Is this caregiver an employee or an independent contractor? What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt? How do I pay a live-in? Can a caregiver sue me for harassment? The bottom line is this: Workers expose the trust and the trust administrator—YOU—to significant risk.

Risk Management Strategies can help. By employing the people who care for beneficiaries, we handle all of the employee issues—including everything from background screening to payroll to workers compensation to compliance issues and more—We remove the headache from you as well as the employer liability.


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