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About Us


Based on extensive careers in insurance program design and employment services, founders Arthur D. Candland and Terence J. Keating recognized in the early 2000's that many trust companies were subjecting themselves to unnecessary risk as well as burdensome administration whenever they employed people on behalf of their beneficiaries. After a number of 'horror stories' where the Trusts - as well as the Fiduciary and Trust Companies - were found liable for employment issues including large workers compensation claims, RMS was founded with the express and sole purpose of mitigating risk and eliminating liability for Trusts.

Joshua W. Greenberg
Josh is the CEO of Risk Management Strategies. He has been a founder, executive, investor and board member in a variety of related businesses and brings extensive experience in risk management, outsourced business processes and caregiver services to RMS. His most recent companies include a financial services firm serving patients and caregivers and an insurance services company, both of which expanded via a focus on providing fanatical client service. Josh received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Arthur D. Candland
Arthur is a co-Founder of RMS and is the Company's CFO. Prior to the formation of RMS, Arthur built businesses dealing with workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance and employee benefits. He has over 35 years experience in the risk management and employee benefits business handling companies with over 150,000 employees.

Terence J. Keating
Terry is a co-Founder of RMS and is the Company's President. Previously, he was a principal in a professional employer organization (employee leasing company) where he applied over 15 years experience in payroll, human resources, wage compliance and conflict resolution.

Sharon Novak, J.D.
Sharon Novak brings over twenty years’ expertise in employment law, including trial work and mediations, workplace investigations, and professional support to human resources departments. She has also developed and conducted seminars on critical employment law issues, including sex and age discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour practices, and wrongful discharge laws.

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