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ABOUT TEAM - Risk Management Strategies

How much of your day is spent managing people who are providing services for the beneficiaries of the trusts you administer?

If you’re like many trust administrators, you spend up to one-third of your day handling employee issues - human resources problems, payroll reporting, benefits administration, workers’ compensation claims and disputes, and other issues that eat up time—time you could be spending managing trusts!

And there’s the liability issue. From harassment claims to slip and fall injuries, these workers expose the trust and the trust administrator you to significant risk.

TEAM can help. As the employer only - TEAM is responsible for the day-to-day control and management of our employees. From payroll processing and reporting to workers’ compensation to benefits administration and more, we remove the headache and hassle.

We’re not a payroll service—as the employer we protect you and the trusts you administer from employer liability and free your time to manage your trusts more effectively.


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